Yankee Glass Art

Unique Handcrafted Art

Birds love color so we use glass plates that attract them. We go to flea markets, antique stores, thrift stores and turned them into really cool Bird Feeders. These are the perfect gift! Birdies really love our feeders! These are Handmade in Folsom California. We make them in matched sets of glass or from miss-matched sets, as birds go crazy over them. You can hang these feeders from a tree or hook. This bird feeder is surely to attract all kinds of birds to your backyard! We offer this bird feeder in several colors and designs. We furnish user instructions and your first bag of Premium Bird Seed to surely attract your first bird friends! It is so fun to watch the birds play and tweet from our bird feeders! Your bird feeder from Yankee Glass Art will surely be the envy of your neighborhood! We use the latest and best adhesives along with custom drilling the hole for the Eye Bolt. Adhesives to join parts tested to very high or very low sub zero temperatures. Feeder is a Mason jar attached to Galvanized Steel Feeder. Please be kind and feed our precious birds with care and hang high enough to prevent cats from getting to our friends.

I love watching the birds fly up to the feeder and nibble from the seeds. It’s truly a beautiful experience
— Katherine Gabrie

The Idea

A vintage look for your home or backyard.

Eco Friendly. 

American Made.



Style & Quality

Using American glass and steel, unique and hand crafted art is created for you to enjoy. 


100% Handmade

Yankee Glass Art was born in the garage of man named Hal who lived in a once small, now large  cow-town called Folsom. 

Each piece is handmade and created with passion and love for you to enjoy with your family and the wonders of nature.