Yankee Glass Art

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Shipping Methods

Our Shipping Cost's are simple, also please review shipping cost on each item.

We charge shipping based on weight  

0-2 lbs $14.95

2.01-3 lbs = $16.95

3.01-4 lbs = $18.95

4.01 - 5 .00 lbs = $21.95

5.01-7.50 lbs = $24.95

7.51-9.50 lbs = $26.95

9.51-12.50 lbs = $32.95

12.51-15 lbs = $44.95

15.1- xx lbs = $49.95


 Damaged Product, Returns & Warranty

Damaged product from Shipping, please save all packaging and filler along with product.  Do not throw anything away!  Your product is insured and we will need all evidence in order to file a claim.  We will need photos of the damaged product in addition photos of the container and filler, even the product inside the container that is damaged.  Failure to comply with these simple instructions could void your warranty or shipping claim.  Please contact us immediately when damaged product arrives.

For returns, simply contact us for an RGA.  Once RGA has been assigned just send the product(s) back in the box it arrived in.  All shipping on returns are paid for by sender.  Product must arrive at Yankee Glass Art in great condition or charges will be assessed.  For maximum credit to your account merchandise must be in it’s original condition.  Your return must be completed within 15 days of the original purchase date.  A restocking fee of 20% may apply.

Warranty, Yankee Glass Art will guarantee the workmanship free of defects for 90 days from point of sale. Any said warranty outside of 90 days from original purchase will be at the discretion of Yankee Glass Art.  Yankee Glass Art not responsible for acts of God/Mother Nature such as Hail Storms, Tornados or Hurricanes or other weather related instances that are outside the norm.  Not responsible for small scratches or chips as some of this dinnerware used has had many years of use.  Yankee Glass Art will pay the freight on any defective item within the warranty period of 90 days.  

California, USA
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Folsom, CA 95630